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    10 reasons to cruise with Crystal Cruises

    Crystal Cruises is the epitome of luxury. Not only are their ship visually beautiful, but on-board you’ll find everything you need for a luxurious cruise – including gourmet food, plush suites, and top-of-the-range entertainment. Crystal also sail to some of the world’s most exquisite destinations and offer onshore experiences where you can really immerse yourself in your destination. We would be here all day if we were to explain everything that makes Crystal Cruises one of the world’s most sought-after cruise lines, but we’ve narrowed down our list to the top 10 reasons why everyone should cruise with Crystal Cruises at least once.

    1. They offer ocean, river and yacht

    Crystal boasts two medium-sized ocean liners, five river cruise liners, and two yacht and expedition ships. So whether you’re looking to explore the scenic rivers of Europe, embark on a trans-Atlantic ocean cruise, or touch down in Antarctica – you’ll find the correct itinerary and ship with Crystal.

    2. They have a 1.6/1 ratio

    The service is attentive on-board a Crystal Cruise, where crew members begin to remember your favourite tipple and breakfast order.

    3. Drinks are on the house

    Crystal prides themselves on being 100% all-inclusive – and that includes fine wines, champagnes, premium spirits and specialty coffees.

    4. Multiple venues for fitness and entertainment

    On-board (depending on the ship) you’ll find feng Shui-inspired spas, state-of-the-art fitness centres, multiple dining options, Broadway-style entertainment, and enrichment lectures.

    5. Crystal is Eco-Conscious

    As part of its “Crystal Clean” initiative, Crystal Cruises are dedicated to preserving the marine environment and oceans where their ships sail to. Crystal has reduced the use of plastics, increased recycling and improved fuel consumption efficiency. Additionally, Crystal Cruises uses dry cleaning machines that recycle dry cleaning solvents and minimize hazardous waste.

    6. Michelin-inspired cuisine and 24-hour in-suite dining

    For example, on-board Crystal Serenity you can sample the culinary delights of Nobuyuki Matsuhisa and his Peruvian-Japanese concoctions. The only cruise ship in the world where you can try his dishes.

    7. 360º Promenade Deck

    Get some fresh air and stretch your legs on the Promenade deck, which wraps right round the ship. On this deck you’ll also find the Umi Umi Restaurant, Prego Restaurant, the Bridge Lounge, and Library.

    8. There are themed cruises

    Crystal organise a handful of themed cruises every year, including wine tours of Europe and Jewish Heritage itineraries to the Middle East.

    9. They offer incredible on-shore excursions

    Ocean offers more than 2,000 Crystal Adventures, including “You Care. We Care.” voluntourism excursions. River offers the Crystal Collection of curated destination experiences. While yachting & expedition offers both cultural and active Crystal Adventures.

    10. Crystal Society Membership Club

    People who cruise with Crystal often can join the Crystal Society Membership Club. Perks include an onboard cocktail party, complimentary upgrades, custom-designed Crystal Society recognition pins, exclusive milestone recognition dinners, and a digital subscription to Crystal’s Passport magazine. But best of all, you’ll be invited on-board Annual Crystal Society sailings with dedicated special events and onboard parties every year. 

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