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    6 reasons to visit Menorca

    When it comes to the Balearic Islands, Menorca often gets overshadowed by its energetic neighbours. While Ibiza and Majorca boast lively clubs and action-packed resorts (as well as a few quieter beaches in between) Menorca strips the Spanish beach holiday back to basics. If you’re looking for a destination with great weather, that isn’t far away and doesn’t cost the earth - but isn’t overrun with people - then Menorca is one of your best options. Here are some of the reasons why Menorca should be on your summer list.  

    1. Pristine Beaches

    The Balearics are home to some of the Mediterranean’s best beaches. However, Menorca has more beaches than the other two combined and almost all of the island’s beaches have Blue Flag status.

    2. Watersports

    While Menorca is definitely the quietest of the islands, beach-lovers with a sporty streak will not be disappointed. The water that surrounds Menorca is pretty calm making it a great option for beginners whether it’s sailing, jet skiing or paddle boarding.

    3. Authentic local food

    If you’re looking for authentic local flavours to dig into, Menorca delivers. First on your list should be the locally-made Mahón cheese with its creamy and mild taste. As a drink we recommend trying some local wine or the local Menorcan gin! Remember to also dollop some mayonnaise on your food – Menorca was its birthplace after all.

    4. It’s a natural biosphere reserve

    Menorca was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993 thanks to its ecosystem that is rich with caves, lagoons, dune systems, islets, 220 species of birds, and 1000 species of plants (60 of which are endemic). One of the best ways to explore is by walking along the Cami de Cavalls – a path that winds around the island clocking in at 185 miles (but it’s broken down into 20 manageable sections if you’re only looking for a brief stroll). As a result you won’t find your view blocked by any high-rise hotels.

    5. Traditional Spanish celebrations

    I know we’ve already stated that Menorca is the peaceful sibling of the three islands, but Menorcans still know how to party. If you visit between June to September you’ll be treated to the sights and sounds of the traditional Menorcan fiesta. Ciutadella holds the most extravagant one, and marks the start of festival season across the island.

    6. Ancient history

    Menorca is home to many historic sites, some dating as far back to the Bronze Age. Castell San Felipe is one of Europe's largest fortresses, Son Catlar is the largest Talayotic settlement in the Balearic Islands and the Pirates of Menorca boat will take you on a tour of Menorca’s pirate past (including a venture into the coves smugglers used to hide in). The archaeology sites here are so impressive, Boston University even runs a summer school for Archaeological Heritage Management on the island.

    Menorca’s most popular resorts are Arenal D'en Castell, Cala Blanca and Cala'n Forcat.

    Edited by Morag@BarrheadTravel

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