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    Top activities to do in the Norwegian Fjords

    Have you ever felt like visiting Norway but unsure of what there is to do there? Well, let us tell you! Norway is one of the only places in the world where these spectacular fjords exist  - so you are in for a real treat during your visit. For any nature or outdoors enthusiast, there really is no better place than here! Take a look at some of our top tips on what to do when visiting these breathtaking Norwegian Fjords.



    Home to some of the most challenging hikes in Europe, the Norwegian Fjords boasts hundreds of trails for those who enjoy a bit of adventure. Trek your way across the region on longer multi-day adventures, camping out in the numerous lodges that accommodate hikers during their trips. Shorter trails are also available, Geirangerfjord for example, for the less experienced, but the views from the top of whatever trail you choose to climb are equally breathtaking.



    Water based activities are second to none in this area of the world! Opportunities for kayaking on the fjords are endless. Flock to the amazing rivers of Geirangerfjord and get up and close to the equally spectacular Seven Sisters and Friarfossen waterfalls. Kayaking offers plenty of opportunity for exploration and plenty of opportunity for photo taking!

    White-water Rafting


    Norwegian waters are filled with thrilling activity! Put on your helmet and wetsuit and prepare yourselves for the time of your life as you partake in a white-water rafting experience. Take to the incredible waters of the rivers Stranda or Rauda as you try and manoeuvre your way down the windy paths of these rafting routes. 

    Reindeer Watching


    For the best opportunity to see Reindeer during a Norwegian Fjords visit, local wildlife business, Contrast Travel is the only company that is licensed to organise Reindeer spotting tours to the stunning Eikesdalen mountainside. Learn all you need to know about this amazing creature from experienced wildlife experts. 

    Musk Ox Watching


    Sunndalsfjella National Park is one of the only spots in Europe where Musk Ox roam freely making for exciting wildlife watching expeditions. Even though this park can be accessed by anyone at any time to look out for these animals, day trip safaris are the perfect and more guaranteed ways to capture these enormous 400kg mammals in the wild.

     Whale Watching


    It is hard to think of a better place in Europe to spot whales than on the coast of the Norwegian Fjords. Whale spotting excursions are extremely popular amongst locals and tourists in Norway with regular coastal trips between Sognefjord and Fensfjord taking place to give everyone the best opportunity to spot the all different types of whale.

    Visits here are not just holidays; they are adventures! Whatever you choose to do, Norway is one of those places where just sitting at the top of a mountain and admiring the view is enough.

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