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    Staff Stories: Rachel Connor, Recruitment Assistant Manager

    >Hi Rachel, tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at Barrhead Travel?

    Hi my name is Rachel and I am the Recruitment Assistant Manager. I have been at Barrhead Travel for more than a year now. I first started as a Modern Apprentice within the recruitment department and have since progressed on. I oversee the recruitment team and manage the end to end recruitment process.

    What does an average day look like for you?

    Every day is different in the recruitment department. We work with candidates, agencies, hiring managers, schools and colleges. My day can vary from speaking to candidates, making an offer of employment, running reports and supporting my team.

    When did you join the company?

    I joined Barrhead Travel back in July 2017.

    What did you do as part of your Modern Apprenticeship?

    As part of my apprenticeship, I learned how to telescreen candidates for different positions, I talked them through the recruitment process and I learned how to make offers of employment. My duty was to look after all apprenticeship applications and liaise with the hiring manager to ensure we are bringing on the right people.

    What was it about working in recruitment that appealed to you?

    I knew when I was leaving school that I wanted a career within the recruitment industry. I love speaking with people and giving advice when needed. No two days are the same and I knew I wanted a new challenge and the best part is I get to help change people’s lives.

    What kind of person would you say is suited to a career in recruitment? And what advice would you give them?

    I think you need to be a confident person, resilient and you need to be able to take constructive criticism as things can change instantly. My advice would be to not give up at the first hurdle and keep at it. Recruitment can be tough going but if you work hard, it can be extremely rewarding.

    And finally, what’s your favourite thing about working at Barrhead Travel?

    My favourite thing about working for Barrhead Travel is defiantly the people. I never knew how many times I would need to ask someone for help in the social media or IT department.

    There are also great progression opportunities for people who want to work hard and achieve the best as there’s not a limit at Barrhead Travel.

    see your career take off with barrhead travel (1).jpg

    Edited by Morag@BarrheadTravel

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