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    6 tips for getting a good night’s sleep on a plane

    It sometimes feels as if you could split the world into two types of travellers: those who can easily snooze away for a whole plane journey and others who are lucky if they get a half hour of sleep. If you fall into the latter category, it can really effect your energy levels and result in you retreating to your hotel room when you arrive instead of exploring your destination. For any travellers that struggle with sleeping on a plane, here are a few tips to help your body drift off and fit in some sleep time.

    Wear loose and comfortable clothing

    Many experienced travellers have what is known as a “plane outfit” that they set aside for longhual journeys. It can differ from person to person but generally the materials are light, baggy or stretchy (such as leggings and a t-shirt dress or tracksuit bottoms).

    Select your seat

    If you’ve been on a few longhaul flights you’ll probably have some idea of what seat you feel most comfortable in. Some people choose the window seat and prop up a pillow between them and the wall; while others like to book an aisle seat and gain some extra leg room.

    Slowly relax

    Even when you’re sleeping in your own bed, it’s recommended that you begin winding down an hour before you plan to sleep. Why not book yourself an airline lounge with a spa or massage facility? Or if you don’t want to spend the extra pennies – how about taking a relaxing book with you or load your music player with some soothing music?

    Store your bag in the overhead locker

    While you can keep your bag below the seat in front, if you’re looking for a good night’s sleep you’ll need to keep the space around you as clear as possible to avoid any leg cramps.

    Pack fuzzy socks

    You’ll want to take your shoes off to get comfy, but aeroplane floors can get pretty chilly. Make sure you add a pair of fuzzy socks to your hand luggage for extra comfort.

    Re-create your bedtime beauty routine

    Do you have an evening or night-time beauty regime? Re-creating it on a plane can help your body know that’s its bedtime and help you feel a little more comfortable. Pop to the bathroom and brush your teeth, wipe down your hands with some antibacterial wipes and remove your make-up before you settle down. 

    What are your top tips for falling asleep on an overnight flight?  

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