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    5 alternative places to visit in 2018 before they become popular

    Last week we published our top 10 destinations that are set to be big in 2018 – but what if you don’t want to visit the same place as everyone else?

    If you’re looking for somewhere off-beat, we’ve rounded up five destinations that aren’t overrun with tourist crowds but still have a solid travel infrastructure. But you’ll need to be quick, these places will catch on eventually.


    Hikers on Overland Trail in Tasmania Australia.jpg

    See a completely different side to Australia on the southern island of Tasmania. While the mainland boasts shining cities, Tasmania has remained true to its rugged routes. The scenery is beautiful and hikers will adore the selection of short forest trails and multi-day wilderness adventures. And water sport lovers can explore the rocky coastline and winding rivers via kayak, raft, yacht or cruise boat. Then when evening falls: keep an eye out for the native Tasmanian Devils (and the legendary Tasmanian tiger).


    Stone Gate of Angkor Thom in Cambodia.jpg

    Angkor Wat has been bringing in travellers for decades, but generally it’s Thailand and Vietnam that attract the crowds to South East Asia. A string of luxury hotels have recently opened up in Cambodia that will allow visitors to explore other, mostly untouched, regions – some of them boasting quiet crystal-white beaches.

    Faroe Islands

    Faroe Islands.jpg

    Much closer to home this time, the Faroe Islands are a great low-key option for people wanting to explore the Northern Hemisphere. Cruises especially are becoming more popular as part of a wider Scottish Isles and Iceland itinerary. And despite its remoteness, the Faroe Islands is much more than just rugged mountains: its unprecedented access to fresh seafood has resulted in an impressive selection of restaurants - one even with a Michelin Star.


    Bolivian Clothes.jpg

    We predicted in last week’s blog post that Argentina is set to become South America’s biggest tourist hub. But if you’re after some Latin American charm without big crowds, we recommend Bolivia. Sometimes referred to as the Southern Hemisphere’s Iceland thanks to the ethereal Salar de Uyuni salt flat, this is easily the continent’s most fascinating country. The cultural hub of La Pas (up in the scenic mountains, no less) has also recently emerged as a foodie capital.


    Great Temple of Abu Simbel Egypt.jpg

    Tourists have been wary of Egypt for a few years now, but the country is finding its feet again. Visitor numbers are climbing at a steady enough pace that you won’t be alone in your adventure but you’ll be able to enjoy an unhurried stroll around the main attractions. On top of that, even more Egyptian artefacts have been uncovered: last summer archaeologists uncovered an ancient pyramid and a pharaoh’s head.

    Let us know in the comments what off-beat place you’ll be visiting this year.  

    Edited by Morag@BarrheadTravel

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