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      10 offbeat honeymoons for couples who don’t crave the beach

      The pages of honeymoon brochures are usually glittering with white sands, water bungalows, palm trees and idyllic beach sunsets. And while there’s no denying that this the perfect romantic backdrop for many newlyweds, it’s not the right choice for everyone.
      Our Honeymoon Specialists here at Barrhead Travel spend their days building the perfect honeymoon package for a wide range of couples, beach lovers or not. If you and your sweetheart don’t like the idea of lying on a beach for your first holiday as a married couple and are looking for something a bit more adventurous, consider one of these ten destinations.
      1. Quebec

      With European tones and a Francophone drawl, Quebec is an architecturally charming backdrop for a romantic city-break. Walk hand in hand along cobbled streets, while dipping in and out of world-class shopping, delectable French-Canadian cuisine, and centuries-old forts.
      2. Kenya

      A safari and honeymoon are both regarded as once in a lifetime trips – so why not combine them? The beautiful country of Kenya is home to multiple national parks with stunning animals and beautiful accommodation ranging from high-end lodges to romantic glamping experiences. And if you do fancy working some beach into your honeymoon, Kenya is home to the beautiful Diana Beach that overlooks the warm waves of the Indian Ocean.
      3. Walt Disney World®

      A theme park might not be the first thing that pops into your head when you think of honeymoons, but if you and your love are fans of faced-paced rollercoasters and pop culture then there’s very few destination that would be more appropriate.
      4. Lapland

      If you prefer the snow to the sun and are getting married in the crisp winter air, consider starting your life as a married couple in the magical destination of Lapland. Spend your night stargazing from a husky ride before ending it cuddled up in front of a cozy log fire – what could be more romantic?
      5. New York City

      New York City is already a popular honeymoon destination and is a favourite amongst couples who love fast-paced city-life. Cruise around the edge of Manhattan on a sunset cruise or watch the stars twinkle above the iconic skyline from the Rockefeller Centre.
      6. Thailand

      This South-East Asian country has many sides to it. There’s the oriental and bustling city of Bangkok, where world-class shopping meets golden temples. Then there’s the luxury resorts of Koh Samui, or the tourist-friendly activities found in Phuket. A honeymoon to Thailand is whatever you want it to be.
      7. Galapagos Islands

      The ethereal Galapogas Islands in the South Pacific is a destination you can only reach via cruise but is well worth it. It’s a part of the world not many can say they’ve seen and is home to several endemic animals that you won’t spot anywhere else.
      8. New Zealand

      The two-island nation of New Zealand is bursting with beautiful natural wonders, and it’s difficult to pin-point just one region for an off-beat honeymoon. Walk the edge of the geothermal wonderland that is Rotorua on the North Island or visit the South and admire the 100,000-year-old glaciers in the Fiordland National Park.
      9. Marrakesh

      This North African country was recently in the spotlight as a romantic getaway when George Clooney and Amal Amaluddin chose it for their own honeymoon. Built at the foot of the dramatic Atlas Mountains, Marrakesh is home to an exotic blend of sights, sounds, and flavours that make it a spectacular honeymoon choice.
      10. Ras Al Khaimah

      Immerse yourself in the authentic and charmingly romantic side of the United Arab Emirates. The northern Emirati gem of Ras Al Khaimah feels like a thousand miles from the skyscrapers and bright lights of Dubai with its beautiful mountainous landscapes, red sandy deserts, traditional souks and 5,000 years of history. We guarantee it will be one of the most romantic sunsets you’ll ever witness.


      10 romantic places to propose in New York City

      The streets of New York City have supported many anxious knees as they bent down to pop that life-changing question. From quaint corners in urban parks to numerous iconic landmarks, there are literally hundreds of ways to propose in this famous city. If you and your sweetheart are taking a romantic trip to the Big Apple sometime soon and you think it’s time to put a ring on it, here are some of our top suggestions that we reckon will result in the answer you’re hoping for.
      1. Empire State Building
      New York City’s most iconic building actively encourages proposals. They recommend visiting between Thursday through to Saturday when their saxophonist is on – who can play your special song on request.
      2. Rooftop Bar
      The Empire State Building might be a little too crowded for some couples. If you want to pop the questions with the New York City skyline as your backdrop but with a bit more privacy, take your significant other to one of the many rooftop bars. Some of them can even be privately rented for the utmost privacy on this special occasion.
      3. Tiffany & Co
      The little blue boxes from this high-end jewellery company have long been synonymous with romantic commitment. So much that the outside of the flagship store in New York City has become a popular spot to pop the question – handy if you want to let them select their own ring.
      4. Times Square
      If your other-half is outgoing and would appreciate a rather extroverted proposal, consider renting out a screen in Times Square. This is actually possible, and is probably the world’s most extravagant way to propose.
      5. On Broadway
      If your sweetie is a fan of the theatre, plan the best proposal/date night imaginable. Take them out to see a live performance of their choice and finish the evening by popping the question under the Broadway lights.
      6. Cruise around the harbour
      There’s a few ways to go about this. You can choose to hop on board one of the many boats that sail around the Manhattan horizon in the evening, or rent your own private charter. You could even propose at the end of your cruise. Whichever option you choose, it will be an idyllic proposal that your future spouse will never forget.
      7. Rockefeller Square
      The Rockefeller Centre is another iconic NYC attraction that actively encourages proposals. During the winter season they offer an Engagement on Ice package so that happy couples can rent out the famous ice rink for a private proposal.
      8. Central Park
      This famous urban sanctuary is brimming with romantic spots to propose. Popular places include the Bow Bridge, Cherry Hill, Central Park Ice Rink, Bethesda Fountain and Belvedere Castle.
      9. New York Public Library
      This might be a surprise addition to the list, but this historic library is actually a very popular place to get down on one knee. The events team have been known to rent out spaces for soon-to-be-engaged couples.
      10. Brooklyn Bridge Park
      For a secluded and low-key NYC proposal, consider this 85-acre waterfront stretch of grass. It offers lovely views of Manhattan but is still ever-so-slightly-out-the-way that you won’t attract crowds of people.


      10 tips when booking your dream honeymoon

      1. Consider which honeymoon locations best match your budget

      After the expense of a wedding, a luxury honeymoon can seem out of reach for many newlyweds. However, regardless of your budget, there are dream destinations available for all tastes.
      For those wishing to splurge on their dream escape, the tropical paradises of the Maldives & Bora Bora simply ooze opulence and exclusivity.
      However, if you’re on the hunt for luxury on a slightly smaller budget, destinations like Bali offer breath-taking beauty and intimate resorts without the extravagant price tag.
      If long-haul remains out of reach, destinations like Malta and Croatia are up and coming on the Honeymoon market! These locations offer boutique hotels and restaurants where you can unwind with your significant other.
      2. Make sure you factor in some romantic alone time

      Honeymooning no longer means just lying by the pool. Newlyweds are now booking bespoke holidays where touring, adventure trails and unique cultural experiences are all part of the trip. However, it’s important to make sure you allow yourself some downtime to unwind, romance and enjoy one another’s company.
      Extravagant tours of Asia or the USA are incredible honeymoons. However, if the entire trip is spent on the road or exploring, you risk missing out on those precious moments unwinding and enjoying quality time together.
      To combat this problem, opt for a multi-centre trip! Spend 10 days exploring the USA’s electric cities, and round off with some time at a Mexican beach resort – modern honeymoon meets traditional romantic getaway.
      3. Think about what kind of Honeymoon suits you

      The ‘stereotypical’ honeymoon is not for everybody!
      Some couples may desire nothing more than sparkling azure seas, balmy island resorts and intimate eateries for a fortnight of unhindered relaxation. Destinations like the Maldives & St Lucia are dreamy bases for these Honeymooners, offering unencumbered luxury and traditional romance.
      On the other hand, the thrill-seeking couple keen to engage in active pursuits may find themselves easily bored on an extended beach escape. Destinations like Thailand and Mexico serve as a perfect middle ground. Simultaneously offering sugar soft beaches, extensive water sports and unique cultural excursions, couples can ensure their romantic getaway is filled with adrenaline-fueled fun!
      4. Take the time to speak to a travel agent

      In this digital age, a couple can easily book their honeymoon using an online travel website. However, as one of the single most special trips of your life, taking the time to seek expert advice will ensure you tailor-make the honeymoon of your dreams.
      Visit us in store and speak to a Barrhead Travel Honeymoon specialist. They will use their expertise and knowledge to create your perfect romantic escape!
      They can also advise you on any added extras that can be included to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime. This ranges from rose petals in the hot tub to champagne in the airport lounge!
      5. Indulge in some added extras

      You’re likely to go on many holidays with your loved one over the years, however most of us only have one honeymoon! Think carefully about ways in which you can make your trip extra special!
      Many of our honeymoon recommended resorts boast extravagant Spas. Treat yourself and your other half to a joint massage and spend some quality time unwinding together for some well-deserved pampering.
      If you’ve opted to celebrate your vows with a European city break, make sure you take advantage of the old fashioned glamour and romantic charm of its cobbled streets. After all, a Venetian Escape wouldn’t be complete without a Gondola Ride with your very own Romeo!
      6. Think about the time of year to go on your Honeymoon

      In the past, it was traditional for newlyweds to jet off on honeymoon directly after the Wedding. However, that’s no longer the case. It can also be a bad idea depending on your chosen location!
      Many couples choose to honeymoon on far away sands, indulging in the luxury holiday or dream destination they’ve always dreamed of. Unfortunately, many tropical and long haul destinations experience their worst weather periods between May and August. Consequently, they may not be the best idea directly after a summer wedding.
      If your heart is set on a specific location, do some research and select the best time to book. This will be worthwhile, even If you have to wait a while before jetting off.
      7. Be prepared for the climate of your chosen honeymoon destination

      If you’re splurging on an extravagant and exotic holiday, make sure you’re aware of the likely temperatures.
      Two weeks with blistering sun burn won’t make for a very enjoyable honeymoon, so make sure you’re prepared for temperatures in the high 30s when visiting places like the Caribbean and the USA during their summer months.
      Similarly, if you’re a magnet for midges and mosquito's, invest in a good anti-insect repellent before jetting off. This is especially important when visiting tropical climates.
      Finally, if you’re fortunate enough to boast luscious locks, be prepared when going to climates with high humidity. A decent hair care regime should be enough to tame any frizz, and you won’t have to worry about the holiday snaps!
       8. Know your honeymoon flight times

      Booking without a prior knowledge of flight times can be a fatal error when deciding on a honeymoon destination.
      Whilst many people choose to indulge in an extended trip of two weeks or more, some of us can only afford a week away. Others would struggle to get any more time off work. In these circumstances, long haul destinations may be inadvisable.
      Flight times to exotic escapes like Mexico and the Caribbean can be over 10 hours from the UK. This can account for over a day of your holiday, and many couples have been disappointed to find their trip inadvertently shortened.
      Do some research or speak to a travel expert before booking and make sure lengthy flight times won’t get in the way of one on one time with your other half!
      9. Make sure your ticket and passport names match
      With the whirlwind and excitement of a wedding and planning a honeymoon, the finer details can often be overlooked.
      However, it’s essential to remember that your name on your passport and the name on your booking must match to meet airport security!
      If you’ve changed your name following your wedding, and use this to book your romantic escape, ensure your passport is updated correctly before travelling!
      Don’t compromise the trip of a lifetime with an admin error. Make sure you think ahead and have this arranged well in advance.
      10. Don’t forget about honeymoon travel insurance

      Prior to your honeymoon, you’ll spend most of your time dreaming of sparkling waters, champagne sunsets and uninterrupted romance with that special someone.
      As you plan your dream trip, however, don’t forget that it’s still extremely important to take out travel insurance.
      Whilst nothing is likely to interrupt your dream honeymoon, it’s important to be prepared. This will ensure that your romantic escape is stress free and full of happy memories.


      How to pick a dress for your sunny wedding destination

      Your wedding dress is likely to be the most exciting purchase you'll make for your wedding. At the same time, however, it's sometimes the most stressful as you shop around to find 'the one'. When it's for a sunny wedding destination you'll want to look your best but you also want to make sure you'll be comfortable on the day.
      If you're jetting off to a hot destination for your ceremony, comfort becomes the utmost priority when selecting the perfect wedding dress. Wedding destinations of the sunnier persuasion can provide a sunny backdrop of 40 degrees which, while beautiful and great for the photo album, will mean that certain dress styles will be more comfortable than others. To ensure you're as comfortable as possible on the day of your wedding we've rounded up six things to keep in mind when shopping for the wedding dress for your destination wedding.
      Avoid dresses with heavy corseting
      While they might create a curvy silhouette, corsets are not comfortable beach wear. If getting married in a warm climate you'll want a dress that sits loosely on the body.
      Silk organza, lace and chiffon are all breathable fabrics
      Breath-ability is not something the UK population usually has to consider when purchasing their clothes for the British climate. Though if you're considering a sunshine wedding abroad it will become something you'll want to keep in mind. This doesn't just concern the bridal dress though: the male attendees should carefully consider the fabric of their suit as well.
      Avoid taffeta
      Taffeta is a beautiful woven fabric popular for creating wedding dresses. It is also a thick material that won't feel comfortable if you're trying to say “I do” in a 35 degree heat.
      Consider buying a destination dress from a specialist designer
      Instead of walking into multiple bridal shops and examining the material, get in contact with a wedding dress designer who specialises in destination dresses. Destination dresses are specifically designed with foreign shores in mind. They are suited for hot climates and will survive a plane flight with fewer creases.
      Beach winds and veils = not always a good look
      If you're looking at a beach ceremony, be careful not to choose a windy beach especially if you're looking to wear a veil. Consider a birdcage veil if you want something in your hair, but long flowing veils will likely detract attention from the vows.
      Respect any cultural sensitivities
      There are some destinations that will require a bride to cover up more than others or where locals will raise an eyebrow at a non-white dress. Before choosing your location research what is acceptable wedding attire in the country and the type of venue you're looking at. You might need to a purchase a dress that covers your shoulders or is very traditional.


      5 valentine's weekend ideas in the UK

      Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and the pressure to organise something romantic for your other half might be getting to you. If you're a couple who would like to get away for the romantic season but haven't quite re-filled the funds from Christmas, there's plenty of loved-up locations available in the UK. Whether you're after a rural retreat to relax just the two of you or the cultural offerings of a bustling city, the British Isles can cater to all Valentine's Day wishes.
      Relax in the rural Welsh countryside
      If you and your love want to leave all of life's stresses behind, one of the best ways to do so is to drive into the countryside. For true relaxation, follow the road to rural Wales. While the Welsh part of the UK has three built-up cities in the south, the rest of the country has remained largely untouched. In these quieter areas you can find spas and lodges perfect for a romantic getaway.
      Explore the historical streets of Edinburgh
      Scotland's capital city has an international reputation for undeniable beauty. Walk hand-in-hand during the day through the cobbled streets and in the evening explore the cultural nightlife. Overlooked by a magnificent castle with a history going back to the 12th Century, Edinburgh has the perfect atmosphere for traditional romance.
      All aboard the Titanic in Belfast
      The birthplace of the ship that inspired one of the world's most famous love stories. Explore the history of her voyage in the modern museum located on the site of her former shipyard, before heading out to enjoy the vibrant Belfast nightlife. If you also fancy a drive around Northern Ireland, a trip to The Giant's Causeway also makes for a romantic day out.
      Walk along the beaches of Jersey
      An island of perfect beaches and fantastic gastronomy, Jersey already ticks the boxes of two romantic getaway essentials. Add to the mix its unique blend of French and British culture, and you have an island that creates a romantic weekend away without going too far.
      Get lost in London
      London is different things to different people, and couples can create a Valentine's Day adventure unique to them. Explore the markets of Camden, relax in a Chelsea spa, enjoy some theater in Covent Garden, have a gastronomical adventure on Brick Lane or take-in the city lights from the London Eye. London is only limited by your imagination.


      How to plan the perfect holiday proposal

      Passport? Check. Hotel details? Check. Engagement ring...
      If you and your travel sweetheart have been together a while, it's likely that you might have considered packing an engagement ring for your next adventure. Before you get to the point of popping the official question you'll need to ask yourself some smaller questions first: how, when and where am I going to pop the question?
      For loved-up world travellers, proposing on a foreign-shore is the perfect way to welcome the start of an engagement. With just a little bit of planning, you can both come home with one of the best travel stories either of you have ever written.
      Picking the perfect destination
      For some couples the perfect proposal spot would be cruising through the spectacular Norwegian Fjords. For others it might be climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Some future-fiancés opt to return to the location of a memorable holiday. Here's some ideas from our previous Top 5 Places to Propose blog post.
      Whatever destination you choose remember to be tactful and natural. If you and your other half regularly go on romantic beach holidays, a trip to Jamaica around your five year anniversary shouldn't give your intentions away, but there's some destinations that might raise their suspicions.
      Taking the ring with you...without getting caught
      Take the ring in your hand luggage, wrapped in a sock or somewhere else your partner is unlikely to look. While it's always important to abide by international hand luggage laws, this is the one trip where you really don't want customs emptying your bag because something looked out-of-place on the x-ray machine.
      Insure the ring
      An engagement ring may be the most expensive thing in your bag. Keep a hold of it and, in case it does go missing, get it covered.
      Also remember to bring the receipt to prove the country of purchase in case customs ask about it.
      Plan to buy the ring on location
      Bring home the best souvenir and purchase a ring on holiday as a permanent reminder of your far-flung engagement. If you're planning an NYC based proposal, a trip to pick up a luxurious ring at the Tiffany's store might be a good call. If you're somewhere with a large design community purchase a ring from a local jewellers. It can be as simple as selecting a ring from a department store that you won't find at home.
      You might have to embrace spontaneity
      While an at-home proposal doesn't always make for the best dinner-party story, you can plan the details to the second. On holiday, you may need to roll with the punches. The beach you picked for the evening stroll might not be secluded enough or maybe one too many cocktails were consumed. Don't be too rigid with your plans and be prepared to pop the question whenever it feels right.
      Act normal
      We've touched on this already but when planning a holiday-proposal, you need to act as if you're going on a regular trip. Choose a destination that doesn't arouse suspicion, securely hide the ring, and organise couple-based activities that aren't out of place.
      And above all: enjoy it
      The romantic proposal is as much for you as it is for your spouse. Enjoy the moment that you've created for the two of you to share forever.


      Most romantic honeymoon destinations

      Your honeymoon is ultimately time for you and your partner to spend quality time together, therefore you want it to be as romantic and memorable as possible. Here at Barrhead Travel we love a bit of romance, so if you are looking for some honeymoon destinations inspiration then look no further!

      This remote island bordering the Indian Ocean greets honeymooners with gloriously soft sand beaches, mesmerising calm blue seas and ultimate seclusion. Many Maldives resorts are placed on their own individual islands. The combination of luxury, privacy and the untouched charm of each resort, makes it the closest place to heaven on earth.
      Florence, Italy

      Offering a supremely romantic getaway, Florence is filled with captivating art and majestic architecture that will quite simply take your breath away. The amazing Tuscan cuisine and fabulous wineries, make Florence one of the most desired honeymoon destinations for any newly-wed.
      Kauai, Hawaii

      Say 'Aloha' to Hawaii! Still one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world and we know why! Crystal clear waters, stunning landscapes, all the sporting activities you could imagine and not forgetting plenty of opportunities for rest and relaxation.  
      Quebec City

      When you visit here, you feel like you are in the 'city of love'. Imagine a honeymoon in Quebec City, as the North America's answer to Paris. From the your first moments in Quebec City, you are surrounded by romance with stunning views of St Lawrence River, charming neighbourhoods and stately castles.  Quebec is as fashionable, romantic and as French as you make it! J'adore Quebec!
      Santorini, Greece

      Some believe that Greek island Santorini, rising steeply out of the Aegean Sea, is the source of the legend of Atlantis and there is undoubtedly something magical about the place. Wake up in the morning to beautiful blue sky and glorious landscapes in stunning Greece. Santorini is just one of those magical places that screams out love and romance!

      We may all picture Florida as the home of 'Disneyland' but the beaches here give any visitor a sense of the Caribbean without actually being there! A growing destination for 'honeymooners', Florida combines bright sand beaches with a vibrant city atmosphere perfect for those who enjoy getting out-and-about.

      Stroll hand in hand as you take in the beauty of the glorious sandy beaches of this wonderful island! Sit at the beach bar with a cocktail in hand as you sample some of the amazing Caribbean cuisine. Watch out, you might also spot a celebrity or two!

      Iceland in winter is something truly magical! Combine the country's breathtaking scenery with romantic couple's massages in the vibrant Blue Lagoon. A honeymoon in Iceland is certainly one that will never be forgotten!
      Costa Rica

      With two breathtaking coasts only a short plane ride away from each other -- one on the Pacific, the other on the Caribbean -- Costa Rica is the perfect destination for couples looking for an adventure-beach mix. Relax on one of the unblemished beaches, discover the stunning rainforests or simply sit back, relax and admire the stunning views with your loved one. Even if you and your partner have opposite honeymoon styles, Costa Rica's natural beauty and variety make it a very appealing option.

      There really are no better beaches with clear blue waters than Thailand! No matter where you decide to honeymoon on the island - whether that be Bangkok, Phuket or Koh Samui - ultimate relaxation and stunning views are guaranteed!
      Bring out the romantic side in you, as you and your loved one relax and enjoy your chosen honeymoon destination. Go on, feel the love with Barrhead Travel!


      Top 5 places to propose…and the best rings to do it with

      The perfect proposal is made up of two essential components: the ring and the place. 
      Get these two things right and you'll not only create a proposal that your partner can't say no to but also a special memory that the two of you will reminisce about for the rest of your lives. It's easier said than done though and the perfect proposal takes a lot of brainstorming. We're here to help with five ideas that include both a place to carry out the proposal and the best ring to do it with! 
      1. Seychelles

      Let’s face it, who wouldn’t say Yes to a marriage proposal in this little slice of paradise? Gasp-worthy, sugar-soft beaches, sparkling azure waters lapping the shore, and lush dense forest provide the perfect backdrop to a marriage proposal. For an achingly-romantic place to propose, look no further than Le Jardin du Roi Spice Garden – stunningly beautiful gardens, jaw-dropping, panoramic views across the island and a restaurant in which to celebrate, once the object of your affections has said yes and dried her tears of joy.
      Perfect proposals need the perfect diamond ring. Try a fabulous beauty like three baguette-cut diamonds set in 18k white gold, representing the past, the present, and your future together! A truly breathtaking ring is require to match the islands' stunning views - do that, and we’re sure that her answer will be “Yes, yes, YES!”
      2. Dubrovnik

      You can’t beat a fairytale castle for romance, and Dubrovnik certainly ticks that particular box. The spectacular architecture and sublime atmosphere of this ancient walled city means that any trip here will be memorable. The castle overlooks the calm blue seas of the Adriatic, and nestled below is the town and the harbour. It’s one of the world’s most up-market destinations, so chances are she’ll already be feeling pretty special before you both take a walk around the walls admiring the view. Then drop to one knee and ask the question that will change the direction of your life forever (we recommend doing this as early or as late as possible to avoid the crowds and the heat of a Croatian summer!) What girl could resist?
      And what girl could resist a stunning, minimalist pear shaped diamond set in platinum? It's a timeless classic with an edge, set high to allow the light to shine through. This ring from The Diamond Studio is guaranteed to prompt a positive response!
      3. New York

      For sheer variety of proposal options, nowhere can beat New York City. Midnight on New Year’s Eve in Times Square…on a horse-drawn carriage ride round Central Park…at the top of the Empire State Building (though, thanks to its metal-detectors, you might want a quiet word with Security if you don’t want the surprise spoiled.) Being in New York is like starring in your own little romantic movie if you plan correctly - take into account the seasons in the city, as summer can be stiflingly hot, and winter can bring snowstorms. Before you know it, you’ll cease to be a boyfriend and return home as a fantastic fiancé instead.
      This distinctive city needs a distinctive engagement ring, so try an 18k white gold and diamond stunner. The Diamond Studio has the perfect ring - 109 diamonds in the setting, with the centre diamond a stunning 2.29 carats! In total it has 3.54 carats , giving it the Big Apple wow factor. Just watch out for those Empire State Building metal detectors…
      4. Jamaica

      James Bond fans, please be aware that although you may be thrilled to be in the home of Ian Fleming and Goldeneye, your missus-to-be may be less than impressed. However, Jamaica has a host of proposal options. Snorkelling and diving could be the ideal way to lead up to a romantic proposal followed by a picnic and rum cocktails on the beach. Maybe a yacht trip would be the perfect prelude to the biggest question you’ll ever ask? Or how about a horseback ride along the sands at sunset with your intended one? Dunn’s River Falls is a delightful location, but we’d suggest leaving the ring back at base, just in case your wife- to –be  isn’t the only thing that gets swept up in the proposal.
      Reflecting the laid-back, Caribbean pace of life in Jamaica, a diamond and Ceylonese sapphire ring will always remind you of the sparkling blue seas. This sapphire is a lighter blue which mirrors sea and sky. Truly stunning. it'll shine even brighter in the sun! This gorgeous Diamond Studio ring’s understated glamour matches the island’s star quality.
      5. Dubai

      A quiet proposal, or an all-singing, all-dancing declaration of love – which to choose? Whatever you and your beloved would prefer, Dubai offers up a number of possibilities. A candlelit meal followed by a quiet stroll on the beach as the Burj al Arab twinkles in the background might sound perfect, but then again, perhaps it’d be fun to head out to the desert for a spot of dune-bashing before popping the question at sunset. One thing’s for sure, you’ll be spoilt for choice for sumptuous accommodation options and places to celebrate when she says Yes in this most modern of cities.
      While the Gold Souk might be a good choice for an engagement ring, perhaps it’s best to plan in advance a little. Choose one with a high claw setting that's a reminder of the city's skyline and magnificent tall buildings. The Diamond Studio has the ideal ring - a centre 1.6 carat round brilliant-cut diamond is set in a gorgeous diamond encrusted cocktail style. At 2.8 carats, this is sure to elicit a Yes from your intended! Place this blingtastic concoction on her finger and she’ll love you forever, guaranteed!
      If you can think of another top 5 places to propose then just let us know :-)


      Planning your perfect honeymoon

      You have decided to tie the knot - congratulations! - and so the preparations begin.
      You will probably find yourself stressing out about which flowers to have, who to invite, how many cake tiers to have, whether to serve pizza or sausage rolls at the wedding- the list is endless! The one thing that you can take some time to choose for you and your beloved to relax and enjoy is your honeymoon. We’ve come up with some of the best and most unique honeymoon experiences around.

      It is becoming hugely popular for newlyweds to go on a ‘maxi-moon’ - taking a month or two to go and travel, seeing some of the world’s most exotic locations. One of the top destinations is Thailand which offers all the allure and beauty of Southeast Asia in one country. You'll find yourself indulging in pure relaxation on some of the most stunning beaches in the world, trekking through the jungle on the back of a majestic elephant, before heading back to your luxury hideaway in the country’s best accommodation. The Centara Coconut Beach hotel is located on a secluded beach on the island of Koh Samui, nestled amidst its beautiful surroundings. The comfort of the individual villas is simply the idyllic spot for any honeymooners to rest up for a few days post-wedding.

      With its opulent architecture and truly unique maze of winding streets created by the Grand Canal, Venice is fast becoming one of the top ‘mini-moon’ destinations to head to. Any newly married couple will find themselves floating along the picturesque canal on board their gondola being serenaded by your own Venetian crooner during their trip. At Barrhead Travel, we offer our own selected flights direct to Venice from Glasgow on board one of British Airways’ luxury aircraft, which offer spacious leather seats, generous luggage allowance and great flight times. The perfect way to get you to and from your honeymoon, in both style and comfort.
      Riviera Maya

      Riviera Maya in Mexico offers miles of powdery white-sand beaches, ancient Mayan sites and tranquil ecological parks - the perfect setting for any couple looking to spend quality time together. And for those feeling like a ‘rock ’n’ roll-moon’, the Hard Rock Hotel, Riviera Maya is where luxury meets satisfaction on a stage of stunning tropical views, a private white sand beach, and exclusive saltwater snorkeling areas. Live large and enjoy the very best of paradise as you enjoy the most legendary ‘rockin’ hospitality.
      With over four decades of travel expertise, we truly know how to turn your happily ever after into a reality. Contact our experts today to plan your perfect honeymoon – all our stores now have a resident wedding expert to provide a unique planning experience for your wedding and honeymoon so you can discuss exactly what you are looking for. Visit us instore today or call us on 0871 964 2124 to start planning your dream honeymoon.

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