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Black Watch British Isles Cruise Review

Day Aboard Black Watch

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Cruise Review

  • Destination: British Isles
  • Sailing date: 04/10/17
I was fortunate enough to spend the day aboard Fred Olsen's Black Watch recently. Much of the ship has been refurbished and renovated to a really high standard.

The cabins are bright and airy and the public spaces and lounges are warm and welcoming. If you're looking for a cruise that's all singing and dancing with entertainment galore and multiple bars, restaurants and activities then this isn't for you. However, if you are looking for a cruise that's traditional and elegant, then the Black Watch is a must try.

There are two main restuarants on board. One is the speciality Steak & Seafood restaurant - this is a must-try and you should make a point of visiting at least once during your time aboard. The quality of food and drink at the main buffet restaurant is very high.

If you are travelling for a special occasion, I would highly recommend booking one of the suites on the ninth floor. They are beautifully decorated with ample living space and the views will certainly be one of your higlights!

Cabin Review

  • Cabin Type: Inside
  • Deck: 1
Inside cabins are fairly small but tastefully decorated and comfortable. For special occasions, try one of the balcony cabins or suites.
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