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Fantasia Mediterranean Cruise Review

Western Med from Genoa

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Cruise Review

  • Destination: Mediterranean
  • Sailing date: 04/07/16
Swarovski staircase, huge balcony cabin, 24hr a day pizza, great pool area. Wow im in heaven!!
This was a bit different from the usual ships over run with British and US passengers. As i embarked at Genoa, we had mostly Italian guests. Word of warning...they don’t queue!
If you have manners, you will wait for ages to get served lol. Staff all speaks English and can honestly say they are the nicest staff ever.
Loved the onboard features. Very chic. Stunning cocktail bars, amazing restaurants and the cheapest Wi-Fi i have ever seen at sea.
Pool area huge and the spa. Oh my goodness it was stunning!
Would i go back on MSC...yes!

Cabin Review

  • Cabin Type: Balcony
  • Deck: 10
Best balcony cabin I have ever had!
It was huge. The balcony was huge!
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