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Opera Caribbean Cruise Review

Cuban experience

Hamish Green
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Cruise Review

  • Destination: Caribbean
  • Sailing date: 28/11/18
We picked this cruise because of length of time in port in Havana and the fact we could stay on the ship rather than going into an hotel it saved packing and unpacking, Havana itself is relativity unspoilt by mass tourism and is not a busy city, the ship itself docks in Havana within 200mtrsof old town with its squares and narrow cobbled streets. Cars from the 50s cruise past well worth a ride in one. The cruise itself was good but I think you would be better Doing the back to back cruise as well taking in Belize and Isle de Roatan. MSC is good but not 5 star we don’t worry about this as we only pick cruises for destinations.

Cabin Review

  • Cabin Type: Balcony
  • Deck: 9
Small but adequate
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