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Norwegian Breakaway Bahamas Cruise Review


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Cruise Review

  • Destination: Bahamas
  • Sailing date: 27/11/15
What an amazing ship she is!! The O'Sheans Irish bar and restaurant is huge on this ship!! Although this is the sister ship to the Ncl Epic, there are lots of different features.
The cabins are the traditional square shape and have a shower room and toilet together. This ship has the Cake Boss Cafe which is extremely popular too.
Kids pool area will blow you away!! Amazing and terrifying climbing wall and abseiling wall has all the kids laughing at the adults as the fear is bad!
Entertainment, amazing food, fab kids clubs, great bar staff and cocktails....what more can you ask for? Nothing. As it’s all included

Cabin Review

    Very Good
  • Cabin Type: Balcony
  • Deck: 12
Great balcony cabins. Very comfortable and lots of nooks and crannies to store all your bits and bobs away.
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