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Ventura Europe Cruise Review

Amazing ship and amazing features.

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Cruise Review

  • Destination: Europe
  • Sailing date: 01/09/18
Destination/Cruise Ship Ventura

Overview: On-board the visually stunning Ventura, P&O have taken all the refined cruise features you’d expect and added imaginative and exciting innovations. Highlights on the Ventura include the White Room restaurant, inspired by celebrity chef Marco Pierre White, the amazing floor-to-ceiling video wall in the Metropolis bar, and the Havana Show lounge with its Latin American atmosphere and salsa dancing. Of course, there’s also a superb spa and spacious sundecks for those who enjoy cruising at a more leisurely pace. Add in four great pools, five dedicated kids’ areas and superb shopping

Things to see: The Glass house bar was amazing. With the italian feeling and Trees throughout this bar makes you feel like you are on a street in Rome. The Kids clubs are full of activities and games for all ages. The Waterside buffet is a must. Pour your own Wine machines are a fantastic touch to this ship.

What to Pack: This ship is a casual ship with select formal evenings, so find out how many formal nights and pack your tuxedo and ball gown as it is mainly formal throughout the ship. No need for travel adapters as you have uk plug system on the ship.

Top Tips: get the children registered on the first day of arriving on the ship.

Suitable for: Families and couples. This is such a family orientated ship.

Hotel/Ship Recommendations I would recommend this to everyone. I have booked for 2018 for my family.

Extras/Excursions didn't go on any however had a full array of choices.

Cabin Review

  • Cabin Type: Inside
  • Deck: 11
It was very spacious and had all the amenities i would need for a cruise including uk plug sockets.
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