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  1. Jackie@BarrheadTravel

    Favourite family cruise line?

    Disney have some great options next year sailing ex UK. Prices are fab!! A few of the staff where on Disney a few weeks ago, Have you checked their reviews out?
  2. Jackie@BarrheadTravel

    Favourite family cruise line?

    NCL, RCCL and Disney are fantastic for familys. I have a 14yr old who loves cruising. She has been on NCL, MSC, RCCL and Celebrity. Every ship has loads for them to do, but in all honesty, if you asked which she preferred, she would answer NCL. They have excellent teen clubs, their own club area , they dine out, party all night and you have to drag them out at 2am to get them to bed lol. They have XBox/WII nights, Karaoke, Quizzes, Movie nights, and lots of other organised stuff, and a chill zone they can just hang out in. Any questions i can get her to answer for you, just let me know
  3. Jackie@BarrheadTravel

    Where should I stop on the way to Perth

    Hi Suzy i stayed in Singapore last year. Did a few nights there, and few at Sentosa Island. Beautiful place i would highly recommend. Something a bit different i would suggest depending on the time of year is a short cruise. Mariner of the Seas do 4 and 5 night cruises from Singapore visiting Penang, Langkawi and normally another port. Its a great way to see lots of this stunning area and totally chill
  4. Jackie@BarrheadTravel

    Your funniest/most embarrassing holiday story

    I was on a fab work trip few years ago in Thailand. We visited this amazing Elephant sanctuary in Kanchanaburi. Anyway, i was covered in mozzie bites so couldnt partake in the "Fun time with the Elephants", which took place in the lagoon as the water was dirty. I volunteered to capture this moment on the Ipad for everyone which was amazing, but unknown to them, but clearly seen by me and the ipad was that every one of these elephants decided to empty their bowels while they were in the pool swimming with them. My colleagues were in awe while i was in hysterics. Top tip--Never swim with kids or animals
  5. Jackie@BarrheadTravel

    Travelling with teenagers

    Anyone else have the usual nightmares travelling with teens? Just back from Phuket. Decided to visit an elephant sanctuary so kiddo could see these poor creatures being looked after in a happy loving enviroment. "There's an elephant says me all excited." The response from the 14yr old thats been everywhere-- "Oh my god do you have to make a scene". "Take a picture now while i pose for my insta" Teens arrrgghhhhhhh
  6. Jackie@BarrheadTravel

    Western Med from Genoa

    Swarovski staircase, huge balcony cabin, 24hr a day pizza, great pool area. Wow im in heaven!! This was a bit different from the usual ships over run with British and US passengers. As i embarked at Genoa, we had mostly Italian guests. Word of warning...they don’t queue! If you have manners, you will wait for ages to get served lol. Staff all speaks English and can honestly say they are the nicest staff ever. Loved the onboard features. Very chic. Stunning cocktail bars, amazing restaurants and the cheapest Wi-Fi i have ever seen at sea. Pool area huge and the spa. Oh my goodness it was stunning! Would i go back on MSC...yes!
  7. Jackie@BarrheadTravel


    What an amazing ship she is!! The O'Sheans Irish bar and restaurant is huge on this ship!! Although this is the sister ship to the Ncl Epic, there are lots of different features. The cabins are the traditional square shape and have a shower room and toilet together. This ship has the Cake Boss Cafe which is extremely popular too. Kids pool area will blow you away!! Amazing and terrifying climbing wall and abseiling wall has all the kids laughing at the adults as the fear is bad! Entertainment, amazing food, fab kids clubs, great bar staff and cocktails....what more can you ask for? Nothing. As it’s all included

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