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  1. Received the following message yesterday. We are booked on a holiday with Jet2. Might be worth considering if you are planning to stay there. We wish for all our customers to enjoy a well-deserved holiday; we believe it is important to keep you informed of any changes to your accommodation. With this in mind, we have been advised by our team in resort that the H10 Rubicon Palace are in the process of completing some room renovations. As a result of the work some noise may be heard on occasion in certain sections of the hotel. The hotel have committed to doing their upmost to minimise impact to all guests during this time by placing all Jet2holidays guests in alternative blocks. Work is taking place Monday to Friday 9:00am until 6:00pm. All hotel facilities remain unaffected and will remain fully operational; however we are sorry for any inconvenience caused by the above.
  2. Neepdocker

    Hair Straighteners on a river cruise

    Going on another Viking River Cruise next year also. The Douro in Portugal. Don't think there should be any problem with Hair Straighteners but I'm sure an email to them would confirm this. It is quite variable what times you get depending on the river and route and on direction. Their coaches followed the ship and took us to any destinations other than those beside the river. There were also trips not covered by the payment which you could also book onto, or you could stay on board (on sundeck possibly) Evening entertainment was nothing like the cruise ships due to the low numbers on board. Some evenings we went onshore after dinner and had a drink in local establishments. Drinks on board are with the meals and we found they kept topping up the glass until we left the table (which could take some time :-) as we travelled close to land all the time there was always something to see unlike cruise ships. Viking are one of the most expensive but we thought it was good value for the money as it covered almost everything. Hope you enjoy your trip
  3. Neepdocker

    Expensive but still great value

    Contradiction using expensive and great value together. When I saw the price I thought I am paying over the odds but when I added up all I was getting I realised it was also great value for a River Cruise from Switzerland to Amsterdam. New locations to see and visit 24 hours a day. Flights from Scotland. Transfers. Coach trips from most stops.All meals and drinks with lunch and dinner. Small number on board. Entertainment. wifi and large screen TV In a comfortable stateroom ours with glass veranda wall to warch the crafts go by and landscape. A spacious sun deck to relax and take in the nearby castles and vineyards. Great Value. Looking forward to the Douro next year.
  4. Neepdocker

    Trip Advisor reviews

    How useful do you find the reviews here?
  5. Neepdocker

    Your favourite destination?

    My favourite holiday that I look back on was an East Caribbean one with 8 locations in 11 Days. Some fantastic islands with St Barts fantastic. Well seen why the celebrities head here.
  6. Neepdocker

    New inclusive deal

    Recently (June) was on the Greek Island Cruise. Destinations were great. Deal with 3 Days in Venice was ideal. Main problem was their changes made with their new inclusive deal and the £384 drinks package one I booked. the transition left us having to pay for all bottled water onboard. £6.50 a litre bottle. Any drinks above $15 such as malt whisky had to pay the extra despite the £384 package deal. Hope the water problem gets sorted out.
  7. Neepdocker

    Barrhead Travel NHS Discount

    Just noticed it mentioned in the post from Kathy
  8. Neepdocker

    Win a FREE cruise with Fred Olsen

    Nice cruise for someone - Good luck everyone ?
  9. Neepdocker

    Barrhead Travel NHS Discount

    What does the NHS discount consist off ?

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