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  1. jaksienna

    Winter sun

    We've settled on Tenerife. Its familiar and ticks all the boxes for everyone
  2. jaksienna

    Barrhead Travel Welcome “Harry and Meghan” for Honeymoon Booking

  3. jaksienna

    Cruising for Newbies - We're Here to Help!!

    fab information! if I ever make the leap to go for cruising I will definitely be reverting back to this
  4. jaksienna

    How do you book your excursions?

    I always book my excursions before hand mainly to get the cost out of the way but also as I am slightly OCD with with daily arrangements
  5. jaksienna

    Baked Alaska Parade???

    Can anyone elaborate on the "Baked Alaska Parade" and what its purpose is.......
  6. jaksienna

    Hand luggage essentials

    looks like you won't have to squeeze too much extra into your hand luggage with easy jet now that you get 23kg for your hold luggage.
  7. jaksienna

    Virgin Cruises

    im not sure of cruising at all but virgin dont do anything by halfs so Im sure this will be something special!!
  8. jaksienna

    Winter sun

    hi @Stockport traveller we have have been to Tenerife a few times so looking for somewhere else, possibly looking at Lanzarote as weve had quite a few goof recommendations. Can you suggest any good all rounder hotels for Lanzarote? Jak
  9. jaksienna

    Favourite theme park?

    im not sure I've been to enough theme parks abroad to have a favorite but being a bit of a hunger games fan I would love to visit the new theme park in Dubai, and I suppose the suns just an added bonus.
  10. jaksienna


    @Thedrum I havent used evesway for travel down to Southampton but i did use them maybe 3 or 4 years ago for a trip to Liverpool for the races. The coach we had was fantastic, maybe a bit too fancy for the likes of us but would definitely recommend them for a long of short journey. Jak
  11. jaksienna

    Winter sun

    hey, I'm looking for a bit of winter sun advice. I will be taking a trip in January for a week but not 100% on where to go that will fit all of the family. We will be travelling with my parents who are in their 70's my partner's parents who are also in their 70's, myself and my partner in our 30's, my son who is 7 along with my niece and her friend who will be 15. We want to make sure we have somewhere that is warm at that time of year, not too lively for my parents but also not too quiet for my son and niece. Anyone any ideas of somewhere that would tick all of the boxes? Jak
  12. jaksienna

    whats in New Zealand

    maybe i am living a sheltered life then lol. it is a bit far for me to travel and although it looks beautiful i think i would be a bit bored. i do like beautiful scenery and admiring it from afar but only if its nice and hot.
  13. jaksienna

    Why Cruising?

    Never quite seen the appeal of cruising but many friends have tried to talk me in to it over the years. I think i am finally about to cave and considering one for next year. Still not sold on the idea I have never had the desire to go on a cruise. Have heard the cabins are very small and am used to a nice apartment or villa so this is the biggest negative for me.
  14. jaksienna

    Flying with children

    My advice don't do it lol.
  15. jaksienna

    Which Canary Island is your favourite?

    Tenerife. we go quite often in the winter months

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