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  1. susanwatson

    Renovation work at Rubicon Palace, Lanzarote

    I had one holiday many years ago in Cyprus where there were renovations in the hotel next to us and without sounding dramatic it really did ruin the holiday. If you can avoid anywhere currently under renovation i would. Susan
  2. susanwatson

    Cruising with an 18yr old!!

    Are there any cruises that will allow 18 year olds to drink on that go to the caribbean or are all strictly over 21? thanks, Susan
  3. susanwatson

    What formal attire do you take for a cruise?

    im in agreeance, although I do like to put on my best, i'm not a fan of forced formal nights! Its my holiday let me do what I like when I like
  4. susanwatson

    Virgin Cruises

    Virgin are launching their own fleet??? Will it all be fly cruises? Thoughts?
  5. susanwatson

    Your favourite destination?

    wrap around suites? im guessing thats a room with a panoramic view??
  6. susanwatson

    Word Association Game

    this might be a bit obvious but HOLIDAY!!
  7. i've (ironically) been off work sick for the last few months and trailing the internet daily to try to entertain myself and keep seeing stories about britains sickness claims. It seems its getting so serious that british passport holders could be rejected when trying to book all inclusive holidays??? Such a shame for the the acts of others to ruin it for the other honest britains. I for one don't think I would cope without all inclusive holidays. Can you imagine having to pay for every strawberry daiquiri you consume at the pool.....Scandalous.. this is one of the articles i was reading before. Makes you wonder who or why the big wigs let it get to this stage http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/06/20/fake-food-poisoning-claims-could-see-british-holiday-makers/
  8. susanwatson

    Your favourite destination?

    Wow.. What a picture.. What hotel is this from in vegas?
  9. susanwatson

    Win a FREE cruise with Fred Olsen

    if @Hockeymum51 doesn't reply can I have it please
  10. susanwatson

    Marmite Cruise Company (MSC)

    @john hanna, thats really crappy that you had a bad experience with MSC. Ive never cruised with them before, have spotted a few ships throughout the years in different ports but never had the feeling its a cruise line I would want to travel with. For the cruise line with swarovski encrusted staircases though you would think the service would be a little better. Was that your first time travelling with MSC?
  11. We are going on the Equinox next month but as a keen fitness fanatic im a little worried about the facilities onboard. Has anyone been onboard and could give me a little reassurance? Thanks, Sue

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