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    Hi there! I went to cancun last year with my sister. We are (were lol) 29 and 27 at the time. Had an absolute ball! We aren't the partying type but we wanted a hotel that was going to have a bit of atmosphere during the day. We decided to go with the RIU Cancun and it did not disappoint us. It was wonderful. Food and atmosphere and staff were brilliant and great location! There were kids at our hotel too. We did a few activities. We swan with sea turtles which was fantastic. We also did the cenotes (but water shoes for this) we went to dolphin discovery and swam with sharks and manatees. Also went to one of the natural water parks with the zip lines. I think it was called xal something. I wished I went to another one. Wasn't as good as I thought plus you're only allowed on things twice!
  2. Lisa2180

    Current TV Show

    I've just started watching "stranger things". Really enjoying it so far. Can't wait for the walking dead to start though. Hope it picks up on excitement. The last series was so dull.
  3. Lisa2180

    whats in New Zealand

    New Zealand is number 1 on my bucket list. There are so many amazing places to visit. I'm a huge lord of the rings fan so I'd love to go to hobbiton and some sceneic areas where they filmed the movie as a wee extra couple of days. My friend worked over there for a year and she really reccominds it.

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