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  1. Sam the Sailor

    It's Competition Time!!

    thank you very much, I received my lovely wine yesterday Sam
  2. Sam the Sailor

    Noro Virus outbreak....

    I see norovirus has floored almost 200 passengers onboard Ovation of the sea! Will there ever be a day when NV doesn't exist
  3. Sam the Sailor

    Say Hello!

    Good Morning to you all!! Sam's the name, a lover of all things cruise and an even bigger lover of all things red-wine-like
  4. I read that NCL have brought their final payment date forward to 120 days before travel? A whole 4 months before travel, am I the only one that thinks this is a bit extreme? Sam
  5. Sam the Sailor

    Hair Straighteners on a river cruise

    Thanks @Neepdocker I have have been speaking with some "friends of friends" and they seem to think I won't have any issues. They have also set my mind at ease with regards to my other points raised. I my only concern now is the time between now and when we travel, the weather is putting a dampening my spirits, quite literally! Thank you for your help, Sam
  6. Sam the Sailor


    the chancellor will give us his latest budget soon, What will you like to see in it ,and what would not like to see? I assume we will see Beer tobacco and fuel budget as always!!!!
  7. Sam the Sailor

    Celebrity Reflection

    I have recently returned from a Best of the Western Med cruise on Celebrity Reflection, We love cruising and this was our 3rd with Celebrity. With their Slogan “Modern Luxury lives here”, it truly was a home from home, only better. We travelled with Celebrity on Reflection 2 years ago and enjoyed the various options, e.g. Around the world wine tasting, being foodies and wine lovers this was important to us to enjoy the things we like to do, and this among many footed the bill. Prior to travelling we booked all our excursions except one, La Spezia, we took the local tourist bus which took us into the centre of La Spezia which was relatively inexpensive. Other excursions included, Barcelona, Nice and Malaga to mention a few, from Barcelona we travelled to Torres Winery, Vilafranca del Pendedes a winery with a difference as it is an eco-friendly, worth a visit. There were only 2 days at sea, so we relaxed by the pool and had leisurely lunches in the speciality restaurants, in the evenings, after a lovely dinner the evening show was always a favourite, then a walk along the marble shopping arcade. Opus dining (main dining ) was always wonderful with the service 2nd to none, the sommelier was also very knowledgeable and advised on the best wines to eat with our choice of food on any given evening. I would travel on Celebrity again the new Edge is on my wish list, but for next cruise maybe a river cruise
  8. Sam the Sailor

    Your Top 5 Bucket List Destinations

    France (Winter Sports) Italy (Venice) USA (New York) been there myself, but not with my husband Rio de Janeiro Australia / New Zealand
  9. Sam the Sailor

    Hair Straighteners on a river cruise

    HI @NeepdockerI see from your cruise review that you have travelled on a Viking River cruise, my husband and I are travelling on a river cruise for the first time next year can you tell me how much time you get at each destination and how much time you get travelling, really looking forward to it but not sure what to expect Thanks Sam
  10. Sam the Sailor

    Hair Straighteners on a river cruise

    Hi My husband and I are travelling on a river cruise next year, was wanting to know if you can take hair straighteners on? don't know if I could manage without them?
  11. Hi Has anyone heard, Is it true? that P&O are going to introduce scanning cruise cards to make sure passengers attend the lifeboat Drill? I would have thought that everyone sailing on any ship would want to be prepared for any eventuality and at least turn up for the drill!
  12. Sam the Sailor

    Word Association Game

  13. Sam the Sailor

    Avoiding Hurricanes

    Hi What is the best time of year to cruise in the Caribbean to avoid Hurricanes, also if there are Hurricanes do the cruise ships travel out of the way to avoid them?
  14. Sam the Sailor

    Airport Queues any Tips!

    Hi Has anyone any Ideas or tips on how you shorten the amount of time you have to spend at the airport before travelling on your flight"?
  15. Sam the Sailor

    Do you remember your first cruise?

    Our first cruise was onBolero or something like that, was a small ship there was only about 900 passengers on it got us into cruising and we haven't looked back, we have upgraded our choice of cruise ship , but still love cruising

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