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  1. Hi again. I sent an e mail to Kieran at Falkirk, regarding some changes to my holiday. No reply as yet. We have changed our final accommodation and we are not going up to Cairns due to the cyclones sweeping the North East of Australia. We spoke to some people there and it made us change our plans for next week. We are staying on at the Sunshine coast, in Noosa, until our return flight date. Thanks
  2. Kieran contacted me and sorted things out. Great work ! Thanks to those involved at Barrhead.
  3. I am currently on a Barrhead holiday in Australia. This is a long shot! I need to email someone at the Falkirk branch to get my Qantas and Virgin flight codes for my internal flights. Kieran would be the best bet. Can anyone reading this blog help. Thanks Mike Tonner

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