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  1. Marty Marshmallow

    Game of Thrones - Blessing and a Curse for Croatia

    I went to Croatia as well before it was famous. Beautiful country but I can imagine there being a lot of crowds these days. But that is what happens to all destinations when they become popular, I don't think crowds are necessarily a bad thing and it doesn't put me off going somewhere.
  2. Marty Marshmallow

    Word Association Game

  3. Marty Marshmallow

    Do you remember the good old days? (i.e before computers)

    Yeah I remember. I used to go to the travel agent to look around and have a proper chat. My wife still prefers to do that. I'll happily book online
  4. Marty Marshmallow

    My trip to the Calgary Stampede 2017

    Went to Calgary back in 2009 and loved every minute. Happy to see it's still as amazing.
  5. Marty Marshmallow

    Which Canary Island is your favourite?

    I've been to Tenerife and Lanzarote. Loved them both but for different reasons. Going to Fuerteventura in winter for a little break in January
  6. Marty Marshmallow

    Barrhead Travel NHS Discount

    My wife is an NHS nurse and we've used the Barrhead nhs discount a few times.
  7. Marty Marshmallow

    Flying with children

    Never had kids but my brother used to bring a Walkman and colouring book (showing my age) for his little ones.
  8. Marty Marshmallow

    Your favourite destination?

    New York City was probably the best place I've visited. Don't think I'd visit now but glad I did when I was younger and had more energy
  9. Marty Marshmallow

    First holiday abroad?

    I didn't go abroad as a child. My first holiday was Stockholm when I was 21 with an old girlfriend.
  10. Marty Marshmallow

    Your Top 5 Bucket List Destinations

    I'll travel to anywhere, but if I had to pick five destinations that I haven't been to yet it would be: 1. India 2. California 3. Kenya 4. China 5. Alaska
  11. Marty Marshmallow

    Current TV Show

    Game of Thrones like the rest of the world, but I'm also binging House of Cards right now
  12. Marty Marshmallow

    Is Auckland a good base?

    Looking to go to New Zealand next year with the wife and thinking of making Auckland our base since that's where most flights go. What can we do in the city or should we spend most of our time exploring elsewhere or should we break up the holiday and spend some time in Auckland but a little bit of time elsewhere. We both still work and can't be away for more than two weeks
  13. Me and my wife have had a look at this before and we're not convinced. We've been to Australia before but planning New Zealand for next year. Think it's better to do each place properly at different time. Both countries have something amazing to offer so don't want to cut each holiday short.
  14. Marty Marshmallow

    Game of Thrones Chat (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

    I agree Amy, the ice dragon feels like the first proper game changer this season. Everything seemed to be going a little too easy for Dany and it's been proven that her dragons aren't invisible (something Cersei has snagged onto). Though it makes me laugh that the Night King and his team just happened to have those ice spears ready.
  15. Marty Marshmallow

    Where is best to venture when exploring Dublin City Center?

    Ah 'dear old Dublin town' many happy times. I stayed in the Drury Hotel at the top of O'Connell street which was perfect for wandering around. They have a great hop on off bus service to take you around but you can easily walk around and get to the attractions on foot. Full of history, full of drink (Well it is the home of Guinness after all) , full of people from all nations, clean and pretty damn cheerful. You'll love it. Want to know a good couple of pubs??

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