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  1. Amy0422

    How do you book your excursions?

    Do you guys book excursions? I am planning a trip for the summer but I am unsure on how to go about booking certain tours. Amy
  2. Amy0422


    my parents have used evesway quite a few times, never heard any complaints and they are notorious for seeking perfection. Amy
  3. Amy0422

    Flying with children

    My parents bought me a GameBoy just for flying (I wasn't allowed to spend much time using it generally lol).
  4. Amy0422

    Word Association Game

  5. Amy0422

    Getting around British Columbia?

    @Megan@BarrheadTravel Thanks Megan! That was what my research was flagging up anyway but it is nice to have it confirmed by someone who has recently been What did you get up to in Vancouver - anything I should definitely check out?
  6. Amy0422

    Coping with travel sickness? Advice and tips.

    I get a little travel sick from time to time but it's usually quite manageable. I'm at worse on a boat, and this is the main reason I'd probably never cruise.
  7. Amy0422

    Multi-Generational Holidays

    @Marty Marshmallow I've not been on a family holiday in many years, but would definitely consider it. My parents love travel as much as I do, but they prefer something a little slower these days. Like you Morag, I have no living grandparents and no children of my own so don't know about multi-generational.
  8. Amy0422

    Is Auckland a good base?

    @Marty Marshmallow I've not personally been to New Zealand, but I had a friend on my gap year who was from Auckland. She said this catches out tourists a lot who fly there and don't realise that New Zealand isn't THAT small and it still takes a good half day to travel the North Island.
  9. Amy0422

    First holiday abroad?

    My parents love travel as much as I do and took me loads of places, but my first ever trip abroad was to Costa del Sol.
  10. Amy0422

    Your favourite destination?

    Probably Melbourne as I stayed there for three months after graduating.
  11. Amy0422

    Living in a tourist destination? Y/N

    I lived in Melbourne for 3 months and I really loved the buzz. Admittedly, I was only living there temporarily knowing I wouldn't be based there forever, so maybe that's why I didn't mind. Most of the people I met didn't really mind either but a lot of them didn't grow up in Melbourne itself and moved here because they wanted to live in a big cosmopolitan city. People who actively grew up in Melbourne might have something different to say.
  12. Amy0422

    Favourite theme park?

    I've only ever been to PortAventura, Disneyland Paris and Orlando - I'd take Universal Studios too!
  13. Amy0422

    Word Association Game

    Christmas! (It's what came to mind)
  14. Amy0422

    The most liveable city in the world!

    I stayed in Melbourne for 3 months after finishing university. Loved every minute. Only came back as I missed my family but such a great city
  15. Amy0422

    Current TV Show

    Finished Once Upon a Time and now giving Bates Motel a try.

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