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  1. scottishcruiser

    Anyone Tuning In?

    I've been watching and enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. My cruising wishlist is definitely growin
  2. scottishcruiser

    Avoiding Hurricanes

    I went on a Caribbean cruise three years ago in winter and the weather was gorgeous. I'm pretty certain that summer is the wet season and more prone to hurricanes
  3. scottishcruiser

    Not my favourite but could do worse

    Was a nice ship and a nice itinerary but there was nothing overall special about it. The ship was quite vibrant but the stars down the side were a little much. Food was good, again not the best I've ever had on a cruise but not the worst. The itinerary was lovely and in one of my favourite parts of the world. I'm not mad for Norwegian Cruise Lines but if it's going somewhere in the world I really want to go I'll book onto it but otherwise I wouldn't seek them out but I wouldn't refuse to go on it either.
  4. scottishcruiser

    Word Association Game

  5. scottishcruiser

    Introducing the AmaMagna

    This sounds lovely. Shame we'll have to wait until 2019.
  6. scottishcruiser

    Crystal Bach christened on the Rhine

    Looks beautiful Will see how our first river cruise is next year and decide if we should pay the price for a silver sea.
  7. scottishcruiser

    Dining on Thomson Celebration

    I went on the Celebration in 2014 and did splash out one night in the Kora La restaurant. It was tasty and nice for a special occasion ,it was mine and hubbys anniversary, but I wouldn't splash out every night. the lido buffet was nice enough for regular meals.
  8. scottishcruiser

    Inside cabins

    My friend ,who isn't that great at using pcs lol, asked if I could post her question. she's thinking of a Holland America cruise with her hubby and wondering what the inside cabins are like. does it depend on the ship or are they're different categories of inside.
  9. scottishcruiser

    Great Ocean Road

    me and husband did this years ago (won't say how old might give away my age woops) and we went for the cheapest rented motorhome we could find. id probably upgrade a bit now, don't think I could quite tolerate living out a van these days. we did it in the summer and it was scorching.
  10. scottishcruiser

    What is your favourite Aussie excursion?

    I love Australia and have managed to get around a fair bit of it in my time. my favourite bit is the landscape and i love the great ocean road.
  11. scottishcruiser

    Your Top 5 Bucket List Destinations

    So hard but I reckon i'll go with Norwegian fjords, st Petersburg, Alaska, south America and Fiji.
  12. scottishcruiser

    Danube river cruises

    Thanks Sam. We haven't been on any river cruises yet only ocean liners, so we are not sure what were looking yet. just having a look between the different options etc.
  13. scottishcruiser

    Looking for an adult only ship

    P&O do adult only cruises on the Oriana and Arcadia ships. Although I have never been on one I believe the ships are quite small. I don't travel with kids now but in my experience the ships are not over run by children unless you pick a very family orientated ship.
  14. scottishcruiser

    Caribbean Princess Ship Visit - Greenock

    Never cruised Princess but it looks like my kind of cruise.
  15. scottishcruiser

    Norwegian Star

    Sometimes the obstruction isn't much and can be a great way to save some money.

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