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  1. October 3rd 2018 Orlando Florida/ Tampa I have recently just returned from what i can describe as "the best fam trip ever". On the 3rd of October i had made my way from Belfast to London where i would start my journey for the duration of the next 7 nights with Seaworld and Clearwater Fam trip. The first part of our trip would involve 4 different parks including SeaWorld, Bush Gardens, Aquatica and Discovery cove. On arrival to SeaWorld we were greeted by two staff members who would go on to take us around the park for the rest of the day. The insight and knowledge they have provided me with about SeaWorld has totally changed my views on the park. I would highly recommend family's of all ages to do this as part of your Orlando stay. From stingrays to turtles and the shows in which they provide SeaWorld is 5 stars in my eyes. The main Highlight for me at SeaWorld was the dolphin and Orca shows. They had the audience engaged and amazed from the get go. My favorite day i can safely say was Discovery Cove. You have two options you can either spend your time here catching some of Florida's gorgeous sun rays or if you are like me get stuck right into all the different activity's they have to offer. We started our day off with a swim around discovery's cove lazy river which is absolutely beautiful, then followed by some snorkeling in one of the two salt water pools they have here but the biggest highlight for me was getting to swim with the dolphins. My childhood dream had come true. All in all i cant fault any of the parks wee had seen and i will be raving about them to all of my costumers in the future. The second leg of our trip had taken us down to Clearwater, Tampa Florida. After walking 8+ miles a day through Orlando's parks this was the perfect place to kick back and unwind. From the beaches to the food everything was just EXQUISITE. Wakening up each morning to a beautiful white sandy beach and a delicious breakfast. I would highly recommend going to St. Petes and Clearwater as the last few remaining days of your holiday if you are there for 14 nights as you will well and truly need it after all the walking around the parks. Shauna O'Hara
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    Hi my name is Shauna O'Hara, i am 27 years old and i have recently moved to travel which i love. I work for a company called Weir Travel LTD which is under Barrhead.

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