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Twin Centre Holidays

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Twin-Centre holidays have always been fairly popular but it seems to be the holiday type of choice even more now.


Instead of heading to one place for two or three weeks, why not come up with an itinerary that takes in the many sides of a country. You don’t have to settle for just one type of experience you can roll them all into one trip. History one day, breath-taking scenery the next a day or two lazing by the pool thrown in for good measure.


My perfect bucket list would be combing LA and Las Vegas. Mainly because I think for me a 4 nights in Vegas would be a maximum amount of nights but to travel all the way there for such a short time is a waste. So adding on a another few nights LA would bulk up my trip, I get to tick off another bucket list destination and of I was really feeling greedy I could add on another 7 nights in somewhere like Hawaii from LA.


Has anyone got a multi-centre trip coming up or have you found a flaw in booking multi-centres?

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I am interested in this too, I like the idea of LA, San Diego and San Fran anyone ever done this combo? Would b me, my hubby and 2 kids ages 5 & 10

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Hi Jenna

My name is Pauline and I am one of the USA Specialists at Barrhead Travel.

I can definitely recommend this combo, but would maybe start with San Diego and work up to San Francisco with LA in the middle.

Can you send me your contact details and I can give you a wee call to discuss further?



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