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At Barrhead Travel Community, our aim is to create an authentic and safe place for fellow travellers to share, inspire and express their love for travel. In doing this we ask that you follow our guidelines to ensure our Community remains just this.


    Respect within the Community

    All of our members within the Barrhead Travel Community are real people from all walks of life therefore we ask that, to keep our Community a fun and enjoyable place for fellow members and guests, you maintain a respectful view on all members and guests opinions and beliefs. Where we see our community as being an open area for members and guests to discuss any topic they wish, we will not permit prejudicial comments or general disrespect to other members/guests/administrators.

    We also ask that you remember that when posting with our community, if you post it you are responsible for it and that Barrhead Travel Community will not be held responsible for comments/images posted by anyone other than a Barrhead Travel Community Administrator.

      Members are reminded that content is prohibited if it is:-

      1. Shown to be threatening to other members/administrators of the Community or sharing of personal information of any kind.

      2. Shows support or praise to terrorism or acts of terrorism, organised crime or hate groups.

      3. Displays or promotes pornography of any kind.

      4. Seen to organise violence, show gratuitous violence or glorify violence in any way.

      5. Inclusive of foul language or profanities.

      6. Spam, self promotion, business email address' or links to any other commercial site. 

        Administrators at Barrhead Travel Community reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any comments found to be violating Barrhead Travel Community guidelines and suspend or ban users found to be doing the same.



        Making changes to your comments/images - As a member of Barrhead Travel Community we are giving you full responsibility for anything you post within the community. If you feel like your post is no longer relevant or you just don't want it to show in the community any longer you have the ability to delete any of your own posts at any time. If you would like to add information into a already posted image/comment you also have the ability to do this through the edit/manage comment/image option.

        Deleting your account - If you no longer wish to be a member of the Barrhead Travel Community you also have the ability to delete your account at any time, deleting your account is irreversible so think carefully before you request your account to be deleted. If you choose to delete your account please remember that all comments you have posted to the community will remain visible to other members/guests.

        What you share on the Community - You, as a community member are free to post about any topic you wish to provided it falls within our community guidelines. By signing up to Barrhead Travel Community you are agreeing that Barrhead Travel retains the rights to use all comments, images, and videos in marketing and/or PR activity.  

        Your details are safe with us - You, as a member of the Community, are in control of the email address stored, and can amend this at any time. Barrhead Travel Community will never share your email address with a 3rd party. If at any point a legal complaint is made about something you have written, an administrator will notify you and give you the option to delete if you agree to the complaint or you will have the option to defend your comment.


        Intellectual property

        We ask that you respect everyone's intellectual property, privacy and rights. Please use your own authentic content within our community.


        Help us keep our community clean

        Although Administrators and Moderators at Barrhead Travel Community will try to keep all objectionable messages/images off of the Community, it is almost impossible to review all messages/images posted so we need your help to keep our community strong. We ask you to let us know of any members who appear to breaching our Community Guidelines by using our built-in reporting option.


        For more information please view our Terms and Conditions here


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